Women's Hats for Thinning Hair

To crown your head:   a "Hafahat"

brown hafahat, modeled

brown hafahat, modeled

$120 + $15 shipping

brown hafahat, modeled gray hafahat, modeled
brown hafahat by itself gray hafahat by itself
hafahat interior hafahat

A recent tip from a hairdresser:   Never comb your hair when wet.

This was news to me. After washing my hair I'd always combed and parted it before blow drying, thinking it would be a tangled mess if I didn't. (Although, during the combing, it was alarming to see how many wet strands landed in the sink. Also, when my hair was dry I could see that on top where it was hardest to comb, many hairs were broken off short.)

So I tried the hairdresser's advice, simply toweling off and then using the blow dryer. Lo and behold, it untangled easily during the blowing! I think it even turns out a little fuller now.

If you would like to purchase a hafahat:

First, make sure it would fit you. (It will fit most women but not all.) Wrap a tape-measure around your head just above the eyebrows, to determine the circumference. If it's between 21 1/2 inches and 22 1/4 inches, then the hat will fit you.

Orders will be accepted only within the 48 contiguous United States.

"Shipping" covers the cost of packing and labeling, getting to the post office, and mailing; it is not refundable. If I receive the hat back in perfect condition within 15 days of the date I mail it to you, I will refund $120; otherwise there will be no refund.

Select a color before clicking Buy Now. When you click Buy Now, you will leave this website and be taken to PayPal to place your order. PayPal will not return you to this website after placing your order, but you can come back to hafahat.com at any time.


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The Evolution of Hafahat:

When I was growing up my family always sat in the same pew at church, two-thirds of the way back. During the service there was plenty of time to check out everyone in the rows ahead—clothes, hairdos, newcomers. But I remember being horrified by an otherwise-lovely woman whose fluffy hair was crowned by a bald spot, which shone in the overhead lights. "How can she be like that?," my younger self wondered; "I would never be like that." As though it were her fault.

By now I know that usually the only fault is in one's genes. My own hair has never been prolific or thick-textured, but in recent years it's gotten even thinner, making me self-conscious in situations where people can see the top of my head. Something had to be done.

I started using Women's Rogaine, but also wished I had a small head-covering for certain social situations. I couldn't find one anywhere that met all my qualifications:

  • very lightweight
  • comfortable
  • an actual headpiece, not just a scarf-type thing
  • covering the crown of the head, yet as small as possible
  • able to stay in place

So I tried making one. My first attempts used a flexible plastic-grid foundation, covered with fabric. But how to hold it on? Elastic wouldn't work, and my hair was too thin for clips to take hold; the only solution was to fasten it to a headband. But headbands can give you a headache. Then I found a headband that's part rubber and can be molded to your head or any shape you want; I could nearly forget I had it on.

However, when I bent over, the hat would fall off, because the foundation was too heavy. It needed to be much lighter. In studying books on hat-making I learned about several foundation materials that are very lightweight and can be molded and steamed into shape on a balsa head-block. Much experimentation followed: stretching and pinning a buckram lining-material and fabric top-material over a head-block, and applying steam to fuse them together. After some drying time, remove the hat from the block, add bias-band trim, and attach it to the headband.

I christened my creation a "hafahat" because it's half the size of a real hat. It meets all my qualifications:

  • It's so lightweight that you can almost forget you're wearing it. It fits your head but won't scrunch your hair, as the stiff lining keeps it from resting on your head.
  • The part-rubber headband is quite comfortable. Put it on and squeeze it in or stretch it out, to whatever shape feels right. My own head is shaped like a football, so I bend the band into more of U shape (upside-down) to give my face more width.
  • It's a tidy symmetrical shape, not a wrinkled piece of material.
  • It covers as small an area as possible while still covering the crown of the head. It's appropriate indoors or out and is unobtrusive: at the theater it won't obstruct anyone's view.
  • It won't fall off (under ordinary conditions).

The hats are made of textured slub linen in Warm Brown or Elegant Gray, with a softly-stiff buckram lining. They will fit most women but not all, so be sure to follow the purchasing instructions if you decide to order one.

The hats are not washable or precipitation-proof, as wetness would harm the buckram lining.